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Purpose of Digital Words

I began the title podcast In My Own Words with the main purpose of media explanation and celebration. I released the inaugural episode Clowning Around on Halloween, 2019. We discussed my adoration for the film Joker while spending time in retrospective critique of It: Chapter II. After this episode I began adjusting my podcast format and topics I chose. I eventually developed the Quick Words series, which is a shorter, more frequent review series to supplement the longer more detailed IMOW series.

But both of these series have a powerful shortfall; they are strictly audio-based. Additionally there is a production delay between the steps of planning, writing, recording, and editing. A blog site solves both problems.

Digital Words will act as a primary location for many more areas of media the podcast can’t provide. Whether it’s information unable to be added to an episode, or information exclusive from the podcast, it can be housed here.

Another benefit to Digital Words is that of permanence.

Time may not always permit timely episodes of IMOW but a blog can be uploaded very quickly. Also, a written blog is accessible to everyone, regardless of technological or medical constraints.

All in all, Digital Words is the next step in growing here at In My Own Words. I hope to bring the excellent content you’ve grown to love into the new digital format. Thank you for joining us this far and I am looking forward to an exciting future at IMOW.

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